Chris Lantinen

Chris is a co-host of Stereo Confidential. When not arguing about music, he can be found teaching Digital Media and Journalism in northwestern Pennsylvania where he is largely considered, “OK.”

Chris has also produced podcasts for Atlantic Records. Most impressively, he boasts three whole seasons in the platinum rank on Overwatch (Current Mains: Moira, Roadhog, Soldier).

Before this, he built along with some friends.


Michael Escañuelas

Michael has been working professionally as a designer since 2011. His work has been featured in several print publications, such as Billboard Magazine, Upbeat Daily, and DRUM! Magazine, as well as on programs like Entertainment Tonight, Rachael Ray, and Dr. Phil.

He has a strong love for coffee, and can be found singing in his band, nobody but you.

Like Chris and James, Michael's voice can be heard on over 200 episodes of The Modern Vinyl Podcast.

James Cassar (1).jpg

James Cassar

James is the youngest and naivest cohost of Stereo Confidential. Often misty-eyed by the promise of recorded sound, he continues his journey uncovering new noise from beneath the cobwebs of being jaded and curmudgeonly on this podcast. James lives in Philadelphia as an artist manager, writer, and 9-to-5 stiff when not on the case.


Britton Rozzelle

The young-buck producer of Stereo Confidential, Britton uses his background in audio and design to make sure the gang is on the right track with their investigations into the music industry.

Originally enamored by the sounds of Nina Simone and the Supremes as a kid, he has an appreciation for music of all kinds — providing background information and corrections as needed, in case the team can't keep their facts straight.