Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Mosquito

Part 5 of our Yeah Yeah Yeahs miniseries. We investigate the 2013 full length album, “Mosquito.”

Guest: Sofia Verbilla (Harmony Woods)

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have always had purpose. Or at least we’ve been able to cobble together a mission statement for each one of their releases, providing this journey we’ve been on with some purpose of its own. “Fever To Tell” is their intimate, sometimes furious steps down into NYC nightlife. “It’s Blitz!” being their blend of art-rock and the dance-pop they’ve always admired, plus an indication that one side of their creative vision had won out. 

But “Mosquito” is the monkey wrench tossed into all this. Tossed into their legacy, you could say.  The first thing you might see on Spotify, even. We got together to talk about those complications. 

This is Stereo Confidential 012, The Case of Another Lover.

Christopher Lantinen