Yeah Yeah Yeahs — It's Blitz!

Part 4 of our Yeah Yeah Yeahs miniseries. We investigate the 2009 full length album, “It’s Blitz!”.

Rain, wind, some nearby thunder, you can hear, if you listen closely and maybe with some nice headphones, mother nature threatening to pull power on this important step in our Yeah Yeah Yeahs case. 

But we stave off the elements long enough for a first meeting (more on that at about the hour mark) regarding the 2009 album from our subject. And like I said, it’s an important piece to this puzzle. Not only because it’s cited as a favorite album, or the home of a best stretch for select hosts, but because of how it resolves or carries through the dramatics tied to this band. Because of how it gives us a chance, now that we’re deeper into their careers, to talk generally about how they’re covered by a music press. Because of how it serves as a good battleground for a question we constantly come back to: what’s the point of the the “Album.”

Karen O once called “It’s Blitz!” the autumn of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs career arc. A chance to “cover all the bases.” You could say this episode, for this podcast, functions much the same. 

This is Stereo Confidential 011, The Case of the Summer Moon.

Christopher Lantinen