Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Yeah Yeah Yeahs (EP

Part 1 of our Yeah Yeah Yeahs miniseries. We investigate the 2001 self-titled EP.

The new case immediately feels bigger. Bigger band, obviously. Bigger scene, so more story to tell. But also a bigger responsibility. I’ll keep that abstract for now, as it’s something that needs multiple hours of conversation, along with new guest voices and perspectives, if we’re really going to approach this in earnest. But you read a sprawling epic like “Meet Me In The Bathroom” and you have people like Christian Joy — who designed Karen O’s stage looks — saying that “Karen was our fearless leader.” So you can see how one would feel a bit of pressure discussing such a figure. 

In our first look at the case, we simply try to set a base. What’s the core origin story? In these early, early tracks, what kind of groundwork is laid for fast approaching, landmark work? 

This is Stereo Confidential 008, The Case of the Primal Institution. 

Christopher Lantinen