Copeland — You Are My Sunshine

Part 4 of our Copeland miniseries. We investigate the 2008 record, “You Are My Sunshine.”

“You Are My Sunshine,” a song first recorded in 1939, closes each chorus with the line, “Please don’t take my sunshine away.” And while yes, it’s actually a feeling that pervades most of the song, there’s a sadness to that repeating sentiment. That request always lurks in the distance. Simply put, it’s a happy song that is secretly pretty sad. 

There’s a similar dichotomy at play in Copeland’s 2008 album of the same name. While the soundscape initially brings you somewhere dreamlike, the underbelly is a bit more complicated. We entered the back half of Copeland’s discography here, looking for a bounce back effort, a highlight before a hiatus. 

This is Stereo Confidential 004, The Case of The Colorless Night.

Christopher Lantinen